When we sold our company a few years ago, everyone asked what’s next? I decided to pivot and teach college so I went back to school and completed my Doctorate in Business Administration. I am now teaching marketing and entrepreneurship. My dissertation was focused on the motivations of Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs. After completing my dissertation, I started working on virtual ethnography “netnography” – to understand through listening online. I continue to conduct research in topics around entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, consumer decision making and market orientation. This blog is the result of my background connecting marketing, recruitment, technology, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. A marketing technology enthusiast, I am always evaluating new technologies to help entrepreneurs and digital marketers become more effective and efficient in what they do. 


Tech I Currently Use

There are close to 8000 technologies used to support marketing today. As a technology oriented person, I love this. I always was trying and implementing new applications in my businesses, building new applications and websites and am now trying my hand in the no-code movement building some web and mobile applications. I enjoy working with WordPress as well and customizing sites with Elementor. So when I'm not teaching, grading, writing, or researching, I'm probably tooling around building a website or an app. Below are just some of the applications I use and incorporate into class frequently.


Jacksonville University

Doctorate Business Administration

Florida International University

MS, Marketing

University of north carolina pembroke


Mercer University

BA, English

Certifications To Keep Me Current


Google Search

Google Ad Words