Brand Reputation
Do you know what your digital footprint looks like? Brand Reputation (Personal and Company) requires defensive and offensive tactics. Interested in preserving your brand?
Target Market
Finding the target market for your business can be a challenge. Who are they? Where do they spend their time? Are they interested in spending money on your product? Reduce your risk with a little due diligence.


Entrepreneurial Marketing

en·​tre·​pre·​neur·​ial mar·​ket·​ing

Entrepreneurial marketing is the proactive identification and capitalization of opportunities for gaining and retaining profitable customers adopting innovative approaches to risk management, resource utilization and value creation. 

Markestry was founded to work with entrepreneurial thinkers to create stronger market opportunities. A platform to help develop inventive marketing strategies to build strong brands (personal and company) utilizing entrepreneurial marketing tactics. 


Due Diligence


Interested Buyers

Brand Reputation

Your Digital Footprint


Opportunity or Not

Brand Experience

Customer & Employee

"Entrepreneurial marketing is the merger of entrepreneurial tactics to marketing strategies. An approach of creating thinking, flexibility and drive for action"

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